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Content for  TS 43.010  Word version:  16.0.0

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5  Framework for the description of connection types

6  PLMN connection typesWord‑p. 15

6.1  Description of PLMN connection types

6.2  PLMN connection elements

6.3  Rules of association for the attribute values of connection elements and connection typesWord‑p. 18

6.4  PLMN connection types for GERAN A/Gb modeWord‑p. 22

6.5  PLMN connection types for GERAN Iu modeWord‑p. 32

7  Relationship between Telecommunication services and connection typesWord‑p. 39

A  List of definitions of PLMN connection type attributes and valuesWord‑p. 46

B  Location of the transcoding, multiplexing and RA2 functionsWord‑p. 55

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 60

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