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Content for  TR 38.903  Word version:  17.0.0

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A  Derivation documents for test tolerancep. 30


A.2  Handling of common Test Tolerance topics for radiated test cases defined in TS 38.533p. 30

A.2.1  Angles of Arrivalp. 30

A.2.2  UE Fine beams and Rough beamsp. 31

A.2.3  UE internal noisep. 33

A.2.4  Calculation of Es/Iot at UE basebandp. 34

A.2.5  Calculation of Applied Iop. 35

A.2.6  UE Reported RSRP and UE gainp. 36

A.2.7  Intra-frequency cells without AWGN, same Angle of Arrivalp. 40

A.3  Test Tolerance analysis templates for radiated test cases awaiting completionp. 42

A.4  Design of radiated test cases defined in TS 38.533p. 42

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