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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document captures the findings of the study item, "Study on UE Power Saving in NR" [2]. The purpose of this TR is to study the UE power saving framework taking into consideration of latency and performance in NR as well as network impact. The study of UE power saving in NR includes the study of the power saving schemes and the associated procedures. The power saving schemes are to study the UE adaptation to the traffic and UE power consumption characteristics in frequency, time, antenna domains, DRX configuration, and UE processing timeline for UE power saving. The power saving signal/channel/procedure is used for triggering adaptation of UE power consumption characteristic. The power saving study also considers UE power consumption reduction in RRM measurements. The associated procedures for the power saving schemes include the enhancement of UE paging procedure based on the additional power saving signal/channel/procedure and the UE power saving procedure in supporting efficient transition from RRC_CONNECTED to RRC_IDLE/RRC_INACTIVE mode.
This document is a 'living' document, i.e. it is permanently updated and presented to TSG-RAN meetings.

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