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The present document is a technical report for NR vehicle mounted UE with 2Rx antenna at FR1 in Rel-15. The purpose is to gather the relevant background information and studies in order to address 2Rx exception for NR vehicular UEs in a few specific NR bands such as n7, n38, n41, n77, n78 and n79 since NR UE shall be equipped with 4Rx ports as a baseline is mandated for these NR bands.
To allow 2 RX exception for vehicular UEs, as requested by 5GAA, it is essential for 3GPP RAN 4 to further study the design of telematics control units (TCU) in vehicles to gain confidence that performance is not degraded at system level by deploying 2 RX. As a part of allowing the 2 RX exception, RAN 4 needs to evaluate identification of vehicle mounted UEs in the network and corresponding test methods
This Technical Report contains the evaluation results for the impact of 2Rx vehicle mounted UE on coverage and throughput considering the realistic RF architecture and link budget with reasonable antenna gain of 2Rx vehicle UE. Also propose the methods to distinguish vehicle UE from handheld UE to verify conformance and GCF certification.

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