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1 Scope


1  ScopeWord‑p. 20

The present document specifies the measurement procedures for the conformance test of the user equipment (UE) that contain requirements for support of RRM (Radio Resource Management) as part of the 5G New Radio (5G-NR). This document covers NR Range 1, NR Range 2 and Interworking.
The requirements are listed in different clauses only if the corresponding parameters deviate. More generally, tests are only applicable to those mobiles that are intended to support the appropriate functionality. To indicate the circumstances in which tests apply, this is noted in the "test applicability" part of the test.
For example, only Release 15 and later UE declared to support NR shall be tested for this functionality. In the event that for some tests different conditions apply for different releases, this is indicated within the text of the test itself.

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