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2  References

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 8

A (Normative)  ICS proforma for NR/5GS Generation User EquipmentWord‑p. 9

A.1  Guidance for completing the ICS proforma

A.2  Identification of the User Equipment

A.3  Identification of the protocol

A.4  ICS proforma tables

A.4.1  UE Implementation Types

A.4.2  UE Service CapabilitiesWord‑p. 14

A.4.3  Baseline Implementation Capabilities

A.4.3.1  RF Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 15

A.4.3.2  Physical Layer Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 21

A.4.3.2A  NR CA Physical Layer Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 24

A.4.3.2B  NR-DC and EN-DC Physical Layer Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 51

A.4.3.2B.1  NR-DC Physical Layer Baseline Implementation Capabilities
A.4.3.2B.2  EN-DC Physical Layer Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 54

A.4.3.2C  NR SUL Physical Layer Baseline Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 87

A.4.3.3  PDCP Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 89

A.4.3.4  RLC Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 90

A.4.3.5  MAC Implementation CapabilitiesWord‑p. 91

A.4.3.6  Measurement CapabilitiesWord‑p. 92

A.4.3.7  General CapabilitiesWord‑p. 96

A.4.3.8  Mobility CapabilitiesWord‑p. 98

A.4.3.9  Additional capabilities for UE declared capabilityWord‑p. 99

A.4.3.10  Sidelink CapabilitiesWord‑p. 109

A.4.3.11  High Speed Capabilities

A.4.4  Additional informationWord‑p. 110

$  Change historyWord‑p. 113

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