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5  Test environments for RF testWord‑p. 743

6  Test environments for Signalling testWord‑p. 808

6.1  Requirements of test equipment

6.2  Reference test conditions

6.3  Reference system configurations

6.4  Signalling Test Case specific USIM ConfigurationsWord‑p. 839

7  Test environments for RRM testsWord‑p. 845

A  Connection DiagramsWord‑p. 878

B (Normative)  Permitted test methods For OTA TestingWord‑p. 930

C  Calculation of test frequenciesWord‑p. 938

C.0  General

C.1  Definitions and Parameters

C.2  Determination of test frequenciesWord‑p. 941

C.3  Determination of SSB and CORESET#0

C.4  Determination of SSB and CORESET#0 for RRM testing with SSB SCS 120 kHz and 240 kHz

$  Change historyWord‑p. 951

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