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3GPP 38-series — index of 38.9… Technical Reports

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Technical Reports in this range are "official" Studies about 5G New Radio
(i.e. publishable by the 3GPP Organizational Partners).

TR 38.900RAN1Rel‑14 → 15
Study on Channel Model
for Frequency Spectrum above 6 GHz

TR 38.901RAN1Rel‑14 → 15
Study on Channel Model
for Frequencies from 0.5 to 100 GHz

TR 38.903RAN5Rel‑15 → 16
NR — Derivation of Test Tolerances
for RRM and UE Radio Reception Conformance Tests

TR 38.905RAN5Rel‑15 → 16
NR — Derivation of Test Points
for Radio Transmission and Reception Conformance Test Cases

TR 38.912RANRel‑14 → 15
Study on New Radio Access Technology

TR 38.913RANRel‑14 → 15
Study on Scenarios and Requirements
for Next Generation Access Technologies