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3GPP 38-series — Radio Technology beyond LTE

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Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about 5G New Radio.

TR 38.801RAN3Rel‑14
Radio Access Architecture and Interface

TR 38.802RAN1Rel‑14
Physical Layer Aspects

TR 38.803RAN4Rel‑14
RF and co-existence aspects

TR 38.804RAN2Rel‑14
Radio Interface Protocol Aspects

TR 38.805RANRel‑14
60 GHz Unlicensed Spectrum

TR 38.806RAN3Rel‑15
Study of Separation of NR Control Plane (CP) and User Plane (UP) for Split Option 2

TR 38.807RANRel‑16
Study on Requirements for NR beyond 52.6 GHz

TR 38.810RAN4Rel‑16
NR – Study on Test Methods

TR 38.811RANRel‑15
Study on NR to support non-Terrestrial Networks

TR 38.812RAN1Rel‑16
Study on Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) for NR

TR 38.813RAN4Rel‑15
New Frequency Range for NR (3.3 – 4.2 GHz)

TR 38.814RAN4Rel‑15
New Frequency Range for NR (4.4 – 5.0 GHz)

TR 38.815RAN4Rel‑15
New Frequency Range for NR (24.25 – 29.5 GHz)

TR 38.816RAN3Rel‑15
Study on CU-DU Lower Layer Split for NR

TR 38.817-01RAN4Rel‑15 → 16
General aspects for UE RF for NR

TR 38.817-02RAN4Rel‑15
General aspects for BS RF for NR

TR 38.819RAN4Rel‑16
LTE Band 65 for NR (n65)

TR 38.821RAN3Rel‑16
Solutions for NR to support non-Terrestrial Networks

TR 38.822RAN2Rel‑15
NR – UE Feature List

TR 38.823RAN3Rel‑16
Study of further enhancement for disaggregated gNB

TR 38.824RAN1Rel‑16
Study on Physical Layer enhancements for NR URLLC

TR 38.825RAN2Rel‑16
Study on NR Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

TR 38.826RAN4Rel‑16
Study on Evaluation for 2 Receiver Exception
in Rel-15 Vehicle Mounted UE for NR

TR 38.828RAN4Rel‑16
Cross Link Interference (CLI) handling and Remote Interference Management (RIM) for NR

TR 38.840RAN1Rel‑16
Study on UE Power Saving in NR

TR 38.855RAN1Rel‑16
Study on NR Positioning support

TR 38.856RAN3Rel‑16
Study on local NR Positioning in NG-RAN

TR 38.866RAN1Rel‑16
Study on Remote Interference Management for NR

TR 38.873RAN4Rel‑16
TDD Operating Band in Band n48

TR 38.874RAN2Rel‑16
NR – Study on Integrated Access and Backhaul

TR 38.885RAN1Rel‑16
Study on NR Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)

TR 38.888RAN4Rel‑16
Adding wider channel bandwidth in NR band n28

TR 38.889RAN1Rel‑16
Study on NR-based Access to Unlicensed Spectrum