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The present document is the Technical Report for the Work Item on Base Station (BS) radiated Radio Frequency (RF) requirements for Active Antenna System (AAS) [2]. The present document captures the background and the decisions on the specification of radiated RF requirements that are applicable to AAS BS.
The AAS BS specification contains requirements for both single RAT UTRA FDD, UTRA TDD and E-UTRA as well as MSR (including single RAT MSR requirements for each of the RATS), it was agreed that it may not be necessary to support so many variants for the OTA AAS BS hence a specification complexity reduction investigation was carried out. It was found the following was not needed for the OTA AAS BS requirements:
  1. Radiated requirements applicable for eAAS not support UTRA TDD.
  2. Radiated requirements applicable for eAAS not include UTRA pilot requirements.

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