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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document is a technical report for the work item of R16 LTE-M [2]. The scope of the TR is as follows:
  • For LTE-MTC in-band operation co-existence with NR, RAN4 will investigate the following:
  • 15 kHz, 30 kHz, and 60 kHz numerologies for NR FR1 bands, with higher priority given first to 15 kHz and then to 30 kHz
  • Study feasible LTE-MTC placement allocation without RF backward compatibility impact and compatible with Rel-13 LTE-MTC and Rel-15 NR, to operate simultaneously within various NR channel bandwidths
  • Channel raster, PRB and subcarrier grid alignment between LTE-MTC and NR
  • Synchronization issue between LTE-MTC and NR, including timing advance
  • Frequency band support in LTE-MTC and NR
  • Testability applicability
  • Compatibility for Rel-15 NR and Rel-13/14/15 LTE-MTC
    The case of NR configured with 15 kHz SS block SCS and the case of 30 kHz SS block SCS as specified in 38.101-1 are included in the study.The Rel-16 LTE-MTC and NR coexisting feature

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