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2  References

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 16

3.1  Definitions

3.2  SymbolsWord‑p. 20

3.3  AbbreviationsWord‑p. 22

4  General test conditions and declarationsWord‑p. 23

4.1  Measurement uncertainties and test requirements

4.2  Conducted and radiated requirement reference pointsWord‑p. 29

4.3  Base station classes for AAS BS

4.4  Regional requirementsWord‑p. 30

4.5  Operating bands and band categoriesWord‑p. 31

4.6  Channel arrangements

4.7  Requirements for AAS BS capable of multi-band operation

4.8  AAS BS configurationsWord‑p. 32

4.9  Capability sets

4.10  Manufacturer declarations for AAS BS testingWord‑p. 34

4.11  Test signal configurations for AAS BSWord‑p. 40

4.11.1  General

4.11.1a  NR Test signal used to build Test Configurations

4.11.2  Test signal configurationsWord‑p. 41  ATC1: UTRA multicarrier operation  ANTC1: UTRA FDD multicarrier non-contiguous operation  ATC2: E-UTRA multicarrier operation  ANTC2: E-UTRA multicarrier non-contiguous operation  ATC3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi-RAT operation  ANTC3: UTRA and E-UTRA multi-RAT non-contiguous operation  ATC4: Single carrier for receiver testsWord‑p. 46  ATC5: MB-MSR operation  ATC6: E-UTRA and NR multi-RAT operationWord‑p. 48  ANTC6: E-UTRA and NR multi RAT non-contiguous operation  ATC7: NR multicarrier operation  ANTC7: NR multicarrier non-contiguous operation  ATC8: UTRA, E-UTRA and NR multi-RAT operation  ANTC8: UTRA, E-UTRA and NR multi-RAT non-contiguous operation

4.12  RF channels and test models

4.13  Format and interpretation of testsWord‑p. 55

5  Applicability of RequirementsWord‑p. 56

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