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Content for  TR 36.887  Word version:  12.0.0

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2  ReferencesWord‑p. 7

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 8

4  Inter-eNB energy saving enhancement for overlaid scenarioWord‑p. 9

5  Energy saving scenarios for LTE coverage layerWord‑p. 16

A  Requirements for Rel-12 energy saving solutionsWord‑p. 29

B  Evaluation Criteria for Rel-12 energy saving solutions

C  Model of Power Consumption in the eNB

D  Other building blocks for power savingWord‑p. 30

E  Simulation results for "capacity oriented" deploymentWord‑p. 32

F  Potential Energy Savings for Envisaged Solutions for the Non-Overlapping ScenarioWord‑p. 33

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 34

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