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The objective of this study [20] is to evaluate the use of measurements for positioning, which are currently specified for UE and eNodeB for other purposes but are not currently included in LPP and LPPa, for an RF pattern matching positioning technology in LTE.
The RFPM performance with these measurements will be compared to the RFPM performance based on the measurements currently specified for the E-CID location method.
The implementation could be an E-SMLC based eNodeB-assisted location service using existing E-UTRAN measurements which are provided to the E-SMLC via the LPPa positioning protocol and UE-assisted location service using existing UE measurements (RSRP, RSRQ and UE Rx-Tx time difference only) which are provided to the E-SMLC via LPP positioning protocol.
The present document is intended to complement already 3GPP standardized location methods and existing 3GPP location work items.

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