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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document is intended to capture findings produced in the context of the Feasibility Study on Minimization of Drive-Tests (MDT) in next generation networks.
The study aims at assessing the feasibility, benefits and complexity of automating the collection of UE measurements to minimize the need of manual drive-tests. The work under this study should take the following steps.
  1. Define use cases and requirements for minimizing drive tests in next generation LTE/HSPA networks
  2. Based on the defined use cases and requirements, study the necessity of defining new UE measurements logging and reporting capabilities for minimizing drive tests and analyse the impact on the UE
Policy control mechanism and transport mechanism (including message syntax) for the new UE measurement logging and reporting capabilities are outside of the scope of the study. The study should focus on new logging and reporting capabilities for measurements already available at the UE.

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