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1  ScopeWord‑p. 6

The present document is the Technical Report on TR on V2X new ban combinations for LTE.
The purpose of the present document is to study the extension of the band combinations for V2X service to grow the LTE V2X ecosystem. Specially, analyze the harmonics/IMDs problems on the own Rx frequency bands for daul transmission. (e.g. transmission of Band 47 on PC5 operation and transmission of licensed band on Uu operation).
Also RAN4 study on increasing of the number of multi-carrier for LTE-based V2X service. It can support concurrent operation of LTE CA band combinations on Uu interface and Band 47 on PC5 interface. Operator propose new band combinations up to 3CCs during the work item. In future study, the number of multiple carrier can be increased up to 5CCs.

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