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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document is the technical report for the study item "Further Enhancements LTE Device to Device, UE to Network Relays for IoT and Wearables" [2].
The objective of this SI is to study enhancements to ProSe UE-to-network relaying and to the LTE D2D framework for commercial and public safety applications such as wearable and IoT devices. It is assumed that evolved ProSe Remote UEs can support both WAN and D2D connection, and that evolved ProSe Remote UEs have 3GPP subscription credentials. The D2D connection is realized by either LTE sidelink or non-3GPP technology. All non-3GPP technologies should be considered transparent for generic relay architecture over them. The primary objective of the study is to address power efficiency for evolved ProSe Remote UEs (e.g. wearable devices).

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