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8  UE Measurements Procedures in RRC_CONNECTED StateWord‑p. 299

8.1  General Measurement Requirements

8.1.1  Introduction

8.1.2  Requirements  UE measurement capability  E-UTRAN intra frequency measurementsWord‑p. 312  E-UTRAN inter frequency measurementsWord‑p. 324  Inter RAT measurements  E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN FDD measurements  E-UTRAN TDD - UTRAN FDD measurementsWord‑p. 353  E-UTRAN TDD - UTRAN TDD measurements  E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN TDD measurementsWord‑p. 357  E-UTRAN FDD - GSM measurements  E-UTRAN TDD - GSM measurementsWord‑p. 362  E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN FDD measurements for SON  E-UTRAN TDD - UTRAN FDD measurements for SONWord‑p. 364  E-UTRAN FDD - cdma2000 1xRTT measurements  E-UTRAN TDD - cdma2000 1xRTT measurementsWord‑p. 365  E-UTRAN FDD - HRPD measurements  E-UTRAN TDD - HRPD measurements  E-UTRAN TDD - UTRAN TDD measurements for SON  E-UTRAN FDD - UTRAN TDD measurements for SONWord‑p. 367  E-UTRAN FDD - cdma2000 1xRTT measurements for SON ANR |R10|  E-UTRAN TDD - cdma2000 1xRTT measurements for SON ANR |R10|  E-UTRAN FDD-UTRAN FDD measurements with autonomous gaps |R10|  E-UTRAN TDD-UTRAN FDD measurements with autonomous gaps |R10|Word‑p. 368  E-UTRAN FDD - WLAN measurements |R13|  E-UTRAN TDD - WLAN measurements |R13|Word‑p. 370  E-UTRAN FDD - NR measurements |R15|  E-UTRAN FDD - NR measurements when CCA is used |R16|Word‑p. 374  E-UTRAN TDD - NR measurements |R15|Word‑p. 378  E-UTRAN TDD - NR measurements when CCA is used |R16|  E-UTRAN FDD - NR SFTD Measurements |R15|  E-UTRAN TDD - NR SFTD Measurements |R15|Word‑p. 380  E-UTRA FDD - NR measurements with autonomous gaps |R16|  E-UTRA TDD - NR measurements with autonomous gaps |R16|Word‑p. 381  E-UTRAN OTDOA Intra-Frequency RSTD Measurements |R9|  E-UTRAN Inter-Frequency OTDOA Measurements |R9|Word‑p. 388  E-UTRAN E-CID Measurements |R9|Word‑p. 403  E-UTRAN intra-frequency measurements under time domain measurement resource restriction |R10|  E-UTRAN E-CID Measurements when Time Domain Measurement Resource Restriction Pattern is Configured |R10|Word‑p. 419

8.2  Capabilities for Support of Event Triggering and Reporting Criteria

8.3  Measurements for E-UTRA carrier aggregation |R10|Word‑p. 426

8.4  OTDOA RSTD Measurements for E-UTRAN carrier aggregation |R10|

8.5  Measurements for UE category 0 |R12|Word‑p. 434

8.6  Discovery signal measurements |R12|Word‑p. 446

8.7  Discovery signal measurements for E-UTRA carrier aggregation |R12|

8.8  Measurements for E-UTRA dual connectivity |R12|Word‑p. 475

8.9  MBSFN Measurements |R12|

8.10  Proximity-based Services |R12|

8.11  Discovery Signal Measurements under Operation with Frame Structure 3 |R13|

8.11.1  Introduction

8.11.2  CRS based discovery signal measurementsWord‑p. 482

8.11.3  CSI-RS based discovery signal measurements

8.11.4  RSSI measurements

8.11.5  Channel occupancy measurementsWord‑p. 501

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