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3GPP 36-series — index of 36.88… Technical Reports

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TR 36.880RAN2Rel‑13
Study on further enhancements of Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) for E-UTRAN

TR 36.881RAN2Rel‑14
Study on latency reduction techniques for LTE

TR 36.882RANRel‑13
Study on regulatory aspects for flexible duplex for E-UTRAN

TR 36.883RAN4Rel‑13
E-UTRA — Introducing UL 64QAM

TR 36.884RAN4Rel‑13
Performance requirements of MMSE-IRC receiver for LTE BS

TR 36.885RAN1Rel‑14
Study on LTE-based V2X Services

TR 36.886RAN4Rel‑14
E-UTRA — Band 41 High Power UE (HPUE)

TR 36.887RAN3Rel‑12
Energy Saving Enhancement for E-UTRAN

TR 36.888RAN1Rel‑12
Provision of low-cost MTC UEs based on LTE

TR 36.889RAN1Rel‑13
Feasibility Study on Licensed-Assisted Access to Unlicensed Spectrum