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3GPP 36-series — index of 36.87… Technical Reports

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TR 36.870RAN4Rel‑13
Study on New AWS-3/4 Band for LTE

TR 36.871RAN1Rel‑11
E-UTRA — Downlink MIMO enhancement for LTE-Advanced

TR 36.872RAN1Rel‑12
Small cell enhancements for E-UTRA and E-UTRAN — physical aspects

TR 36.873RAN1Rel‑12
Study on 3D channel model for LTE

TR 36.874RAN1Rel‑12
COMP Operation for LTE with Non-Ideal Backhaul

TR 36.875RAN3Rel‑13
Extension of Dual Connectivity in E-UTRAN

TR 36.876RAN3Rel‑13
Study on further enhancements of small cell high layer aspects for LTE

TR 36.877RAN4Rel‑12
LTE D2D ProSe — UE radio transmission and reception

TR 36.878RAN4Rel‑13
Study on performance enhancements for high speed scenario in LTE

TR 36.879-13RAN4Rel‑13
LTE Advanced 3DL/2UL inter-band CA