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3GPP 36-series — index of 36.74… Technical Reports

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TR 36.741RAN1Rel‑14
Study on further enhancements to CoMP Operation for LTE

TR 36.742RAN3Rel‑15
Study on SON for eCoMP

TR 36.743draftRAN2
eMBMS enhancements for LTE

TR 36.744RAN4Rel‑14
CBRS 3.5 GHz band for LTE in the United States

TR 36.745RAN4Rel‑14
Feasibility study on global application of LTE Band 11 and of LTE Band 21 UEs

TR 36.746RAN2Rel‑15
Study on further enhancements to
LTE D2D, UE to network relays for IoT and wearables

TR 36.747RAN4Rel‑14
Enhanced CRS and 4Rx SU-MIMO Interference Mitigation Performance Requirements for LTE

TR 36.748RAN4Rel‑15
450MHz E-UTRA FDD Band for LTE PPDR and PMR/PAMR in Europe

TR 36.749RAN4Rel‑14
New AWS Band for LTE