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draft-TR 36.743 (RAN2)
Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast (eMBMS) enhancements for LTE

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V0.1.0 (Wzip)  2016/06  8 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Huschke, Joerg

This Technical Report summarizes the findings related to the following objectives of RP-160675:
  • Support for standalone carrier with all DL subframes dedicated to MBSFN transmission and self-contained eMBMS signaling including information of SIB13, SIB15, SIB16. (RAN2)
  • Support for multi-carrier eMBMS/unicast operation involving reception from one or more eMBMS cells that may be non-collocated and asynchronous with one or more cells that are simultaneously used for unicast. (RAN4, RAN2)
  • Solutions where a UE can receive the TV transport service without being authenticated (RAN1, RAN2, RAN3)


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