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3GPP 33-series — Security aspects

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TR 33.901SA3Rel‑3 → 4
Criteria for cryptographic Algorithm design process

TR 33.902SA3Rel‑3 → 4
Formal Analysis of the 3G Authentication Protocol

TR 33.905SA3Rel‑7 → 15
Recommendations for Trusted Open Platforms

TR 33.908SA3Rel‑3 → 4
Report on design, specification and evaluation of 3GPP confidentiality and integrity algorithms

TR 33.909SA3Rel‑4
Report on the design and evaluation of the MILENAGE algorithm set

TR 33.916SA3Rel‑14 → 15
Security Assurance Methodology for 3GPP network products

TR 33.918SA3Rel‑7
GAA — Early implementation of HTTPS connection between a UICC and a NAF

TR 33.919SA3Rel‑6 → 15
GAA — System description

TR 33.920SA3Rel‑7
SIM Card based GBA — Early implementation feature

TR 33.924SA3Rel‑9 → 15
Identity management and GAA interworking

TR 33.926SA3Rel‑13 → 16
Security Assurance Specification (SCAS) threats and critical assets in 3GPP network product classes

TR 33.937SA3Rel‑9 → 15
Study of mechanisms for Protection against Unsolicited Communication for IMS (PUCI)

TR 33.969SA3Rel‑12 → 15
Study on security aspects of Public Warning System (PWS)

TR 33.978SA3Rel‑6 → 7
Security aspects of early IMS

TR 33.980SA3Rel‑7 → 15
Liberty Alliance ID-FF, ID-WSF and GAA

TR 33.995SA3Rel‑13 → 15
Study on Security aspects of integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) frameworks with 3GPP operator-controlled resources and mechanisms