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1  Scopep. 6

The present document studies forward compatibility for 3GPP Charging Applications over Rf and Ro Reference Points, specified by using IETF Diameter protocol.
In particular, it is investigated how to conform with TR 29.819 conclusion on Diameter extensibility rules, per following clause statement:
"For 3GPP Diameter Accounting application using the Diameter Base Protocol Accounting (application Id =3), such as specified in the TS 32.299, further studies are required to evaluate how AVPs can be added to existing commands with the M-bit cleared to avoid backward compatible issues."
This document is independent of whether IETF RFC 3588 or IETF RFC 6733 is referred to as the Diameter Base protocol for Rf and Ro. Update from IETF RFC 3588 to IETF RFC 6733 can be decided prior to any conclusion from this study.

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