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0  Introductionp. 4

3GPP WG SA5 TS 32-series comprise a set of specifications for Interface N (Itf-N) describing the requirements and solutions for various network management domains or services (e.g. Alarm IRP, PM IRP, BasicCM IRP, KernelCM IRP, BulkCM IRP, Notification IRP, CS IRP, FileTransfer IRP and EP IRP).
The large number of IRPs reflects the large number of diverse Network Management (NM) domains, services and solutions which are required to satisfy all operators' needs taken as a whole. However, not all operators require all network management (NM) domains services and solutions defined by these IRPs.
This present document aims at providing one or more subsets of IRP requirements selected from the existing IRPs' requirements and corresponding IRP functionality based on input from operators.

1  Scopep. 5

The present document examines IRP requirements selected from existing IRPs' requirement and identifies one or more subsets of these requirements. It also studies the grouping of IRP functionality to recommend which functionality is needed in a network management context to satisfy every given subset of requirements.

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