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The present document reports how 3GPP OAM specifications can provide support for the assessment of energy efficiency in radio access networks as defined by ETSI ES 203 228 [2], thanks to measuring both network performance and energy consumption. It provides a gap analysis between ETSI ES 203 228 [2] and 3GPP OAM Technical Specifications, and provides recommendations towards ETSI ES 203 228 [2] compliance, including suggestions for further 3GPP specification enhancements. It also provides an analysis of how ETSI ES 202 336-12 [31] architecture, interfaces and information model may fit with the 3GPP management reference model defined in TS 32.101 and 3GPP IRPs, identifies potential use cases and requirements and studies potential solutions for interfaces that are in the scope of 3GPP. Finally, it provides recommendations for normative work.

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