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0  IntroductionWord‑p. 4

WLAN offload is becoming a compelling solution for operators to cope with rapid growth of mobile data traffic without the need of network upgrades or expansions. To enable WLAN playing such a role to complement the cellular technology, the behaviour of WLAN has to be known by the 3GPP OAM system. The present document is intended to enable a 3GPP OAM system to monitor WLAN performance measurements and alarms that are essential to evaluate the performance of WLAN offloading. The WLAN performance measurements can also be used in network planning.

1  Scope

The present document describes the study on WLAN management that focuses on WLAN performance monitoring and alarm reporting. The WLAN performance measurements and alarms are sent to the NM via the Type-2 interface.
No impact to the Type-1 interface of WLAN NE and the WLAN MIB specified by other SDO is expected.

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