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1  ScopeWord‑p. 6

The present document is the outcome of the SA5 MTOSI XML harmonization study.
MTOSI version 1.1 is considered in the present document.
The goal of the present document is multiple:
  • At first, it mainly consists in studying the MTOSI XML recommendations and estimate whether or not they are applicable and useful to SA5.
  • Then, a delta calculation, in terms of Methodology, Specifications and Models, will be studied and presented in order to define, in case MTOSI recommendations prove to be useful to SA5, what are the main differences between MTOSI and SA5 specifications. Once those will be identified, they will be ordered in priority and a decision will be made, whether or not the harmonization process for such or such items can be kicked off.
  • Finally, a proposed roadmap for those activities will be presented. This roadmap is likely to evolve as we move along the harmonization effort between MTOSI and SA5.
The content of the present document is subject to 3GPP SA5 discussion and decisions will be made based on the output thereof.

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