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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document describes the requirements and architecture for the Self Organizing Network (SON) functions within the OAM system. SON includes:
Provision of infrastructure for SON, in the OAM system
  • Enabling SON operations;
  • Provide SON capabilities (each of which can either be distributed or centralised) within the OAM infrastructure, including their management;
  • Access to SON relevant attributes;
  • Identification of SON relevant Measurements;
  • Access to and transfer of SON relevant measurements;
  • Transfer of SON relevant alarms.
Define necessary Interface IRPs
  • the automation of neighbour relation lists in E-UTRAN, UTRAN and between different 3GPP Radio Access Technologies,
  • self establishment of a new eNodeB in the network,
  • self-configuration and self-healing of eNodeBs,
  • automated coverage and capacity optimisation,
  • optimisation of parameters due to troubleshooting,
  • continuous optimisation due to dynamic changes in the network,
  • automated handover optimisation,
  • optimisation of QoS related radio parameters.
The SON concept and architecture are described in clause 4.
The high-level requirements for SON are defined in clause 5.
Use cases for SON are described in clause 5.

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