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E  High level overall charging architecture. |R15|p. 62

High level overall charging architecture.

E.1  Generalp. 62

This annex presents a high level view of the overall charging architecture. It covers the charging reference points and interfaces from 3GPP Release 14 and 15 core networks and the IMS subsystem towards the charging functions of Release 14 and Release 15 charging systems.

E.2  Common charging architecture and frameworkp. 62

E.2.1  High level common architecturep. 62

The overall logical charging architecture is depicted below. The Rf and Ro reference points are applicable to GPRS, EPC or IMS NEs only, whereas the Nchf interface is applicable to 5GC NFs only.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 32.240, Fig. E.2.1.1: High level overall charging architecture and information flows
When the target charging system (i.e. 5G CCS or EPC OCS/OFCS) needs to support termination of a reference point or interface from the opposite type of core network (i.e. Ro/Rf or Nchf) implementations will need to include interworking between the HTTP used by SBI and the Diameter protocol.

$  Change historyp. 63

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