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3GPP 32-series — OAMP and Charging

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TR 32.800SA5Rel‑4 → 5
Management Level Procedures
and Interaction with UTRAN

TR 32.802SA5Rel‑5
User Equipment Management (UEM)
Feasibility Study

TR 32.803SA5Rel‑6
Process Guide: Use Cases in UML

TR 32.804SA5Rel‑6
Control of RET Antennas: Requirements

TR 32.805SA5Rel‑6
Process Guide: Backward Compatibility Recommendations

TR 32.806SA5Rel‑7
Application Guide for Use of IRPs on P2P Interface

TR 32.808SA5Rel‑8
Study of CPS Framework of User Data
for Network Services and Management

TR 32.809SA5Rel‑7
Feasibility Study of XML-based (SOAP/HTTP) IRP Solution Sets

TR 32.810SA5Rel‑7
Information Model IRP Study

TR 32.811SA5Rel‑7
Itf-N Performance Criteria: Requirements

TR 32.812SA5Rel‑7
Itf-N ICS Template

TR 32.814SA5Rel‑7

TR 32.815SA5Rel‑6
OCS Architecture Study

TR 32.816SA5Rel‑8
Study on Management of E-UTRAN and EPC

TR 32.817SA5Rel‑14
Study on Management of Measurement Collection
in Network Sharing Context

TR 32.818SA5Rel‑8
Study on 3GPP SA5 / MTOSI XML Harmonization

TR 32.819SA5Rel‑8
E-OSF Definition

TR 32.820SA5Rel‑8
Study on EPC Charging Aspects

TR 32.821SA5Rel‑9
Study of SON related OAM for HNB

TR 32.822SA5Rel‑9
Study on System Maintenance over Itf-N

TR 32.823SA5Rel‑9
SON: Study on Self-Healing

TR 32.824SA5Rel‑9

TR 32.825SA5Rel‑10
Charging Management: Rc Reference Point Study

TR 32.826SA5Rel‑10
Study on Energy Savings Management

TR 32.827SA5Rel‑10
Integration of Device Management Information with Itf-N

TR 32.828SA5Rel‑10
Study on Alignment
of 3GPP Generic NRM IRP
and the TMF Shared Information/Data (SID) Model

TR 32.829SA5Rel‑10
Study on Alignment
of 3GPP Alarm IRP
and TMF Interface Program (TIP) Fault Management

TR 32.830SA5Rel‑12
Study on Version Handling over Itf-N

TR 32.831SA5Rel‑10
Study on alignment
of 3GPP PM and TMF Interface Program (TIP) Performance Management

TR 32.832SA5Rel‑10
Study on Alarm Correlation
and Alarm Root Cause Analysis

TR 32.833SA5Rel‑11
Study on Management of Converged Networks

TR 32.834SA5Rel‑11
Study on OAM Aspects
of inter-RAT Energy Saving

TR 32.835SA5Rel‑12
Study of Heterogeneous Networks Management

TR 32.836SA5Rel‑12
Study on NM Centralized CCO SON Function

TR 32.838SA5Rel‑13 → 14
Gap Analysis
between 3GPP SA5 Specifications
and NGMN Top OPE Recommendations

TR 32.841SA5Rel‑12
Study on WLAN Management

TR 32.842SA5Rel‑13
Study on Network Management of Virtualized Networks

TR 32.843SA5Rel‑13
Study on Inter-PLMN PS Domain Online Charging

TR 32.844SA5Rel‑12
Study of Charging Support of ProSe Direct Communication for Public Safety Use

TR 32.845SA5Rel‑16
Study on Charging Aspects of Network Slicing

TR 32.848SA5Rel‑15
Study on Volume based Charging aspects for VoLTE

TR 32.849SA5Rel‑13
Study on Charging aspects of Roaming End-to-End Scenarios
with VoLTE IMS and Interconnecting Networks

TR 32.850SA5Rel‑14
Study on Determination of
Completeness of Charging Information in IMS

TR 32.851SA5Rel‑12
Study on OAM aspects of Network Sharing

TR 32.853SA5Rel‑11
Final Report from
the 3GPP –TM Forum JWG
on Fault Management Harmonization

TR 32.854SA5Rel‑11
FMC 3GPP / TM Forum
Concrete Model Relationships and Use Cases

TR 32.855SA5Rel‑14
Study on OAM support for LSA

TR 32.856SA5Rel‑15
Study on OAM support for Assessment
of Energy Efficiency in Mobile Access Networks

TR 32.857SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management aspects
of Selected IoT-related Features

TR 32.859SA5Rel‑12
Study on Alarm Management

TR 32.860SA5Rel‑14
Study on enhancement of OAM aspects
of Distributed SON Functions

TR 32.861SA5Rel‑13
Study on Application and Partitioning of Itf-N

TR 32.862SA5Rel‑14
Study on KQIs for Service Experience

TR 32.863SA5Rel‑13
FMC Metadefinitions for Measurements and KPIs

TR 32.864SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management aspects
of Virtualized Network Functions
that are part of the NR

TR 32.865SA5Rel‑15
Study on OAM aspects of SON
for AAS-based deployments

TR 32.866SA5Rel‑15
Study on a RESTful HTTP-based Solution Set

TR 32.867SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management enhancement
of CUPS of EPC nodes

TR 32.868SA5Rel‑15
Study on OAM aspects
of LTE and WLAN Integration

TR 32.869SA5Rel‑15
Study on Overload Control
for Diameter Charging Applications

TR 32.870SA5Rel‑15
Study on Forward Compatibility
for 3GPP Diameter Charging Applications

TR 32.871SA5Rel‑15
Study on Network Policy Management
for Mobile Networks based on NFV Scenarios

TR 32.880SA5Rel‑15
Study on Implementation for the Partitioning of Itf-N

TR 32.899SA5Rel‑15
Study on Charging aspects of 5G System Architecture Phase 1