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1  ScopeWord‑p. 7

The Technical Report describes solutions for an XML based protocol (e.g. SOAP, Restful HTTP, etc.) between the AF and the PCRF for the case of non IMS applications. The scope of this work is to provide an XML based equivalent to the Diameter based signalling that is presently specified in TS 29.214.
This study covers the following alternatives:
  • XML based protocol between AF and PCRF;
  • Adding a new protocol converter (as a stand-alone entity) between PCRF and AF
Investigate a suitable transport protocol for XML, charging issues in case of 3rd party SPs, security issues.
Roaming in both home routed and local break out and signalling routing aspects (e.g. DRA handling and others aspects) has also been included.
Necessary changes to 3GPP specifications are identified.

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