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5  Common Data Types

5.1  Introduction

5.2  Data Types for Generic UsageWord‑p. 12

5.3  Data Types related to Subscription, Identification and Numbering

5.4  Data Types related to 5G Network

5.4.1  Introduction

5.4.2  Simple Data Types

5.4.3  EnumerationsWord‑p. 39  Enumeration: AccessType  Enumeration: RatTypeWord‑p. 40  Enumeration: PduSessionType  Enumeration: UpIntegrity  Enumeration: UpConfidentialityWord‑p. 41  Enumeration: SscMode  Enumeration: DnaiChangeType  Enumeration: RestrictionType  Enumeration: CoreNetworkType  Enumeration: AccessTypeRmWord‑p. 42  Enumeration: RatTypeRm  Enumeration: PduSessionTypeRm  Enumeration: UpIntegrityRm  Enumeration: UpConfidentialityRm  Enumeration: SscModeRm  Enumeration: DnaiChangeTypeRm  Enumeration: RestrictionTypeRm  Enumeration: CoreNetworkType  Enumeration: PresenceStateWord‑p. 43  Enumeration: StationaryIndication |R16|  Enumeration: StationaryIndicationRm |R16|  Enumeration: ScheduledCommunicationType |R16|  Enumeration: ScheduledCommunicationTypeRm |R16|  Enumeration: TrafficProfile |R16|  Enumeration: TrafficProfileRm |R16|Word‑p. 44  Enumeration: LcsServiceAuth |R16|  Enumeration: UeAuth |R16|  Enumeration: DlDataDeliveryStatus |R16|  Enumeration: DlDataDeliveryStatusRm |R16|  Enumeration: AuthStatus |R16|Word‑p. 45  Enumeration: LineType |R16|  Enumeration: LineTypeRm |R16|  Enumeration: NotificationFlag |R16|  Enumeration: TransportProtocol |R17|

5.4.4  Structured Data TypesWord‑p. 46  Type: SubscribedDefaultQos  Type: Snssai  Type: PlmnIdWord‑p. 47  Type: Tai  Type: Ecgi  Type: NcgiWord‑p. 48  Type: UserLocation  Type: EutraLocationWord‑p. 49  Type: NrLocationWord‑p. 50  Type: N3gaLocationWord‑p. 51  Type: UpSecurityWord‑p. 53  Type: NgApCause  Type: BackupAmfInfo  Type: RefToBinaryDataWord‑p. 54  Type RouteToLocation  Type RouteInformation  Type: Area  Type: ServiceAreaRestrictionWord‑p. 55  Type: PlmnIdRm  Type: TaiRm  Type: EcgiRm  Type: NcgiRm  Type: EutraLocationRm  Type: NrLocationRm  Type: UpSecurityRm  Type: RefToBinaryDataRmWord‑p. 56  Type: PresenceInfo  Type: GlobalRanNodeIdWord‑p. 57  Type: GNbIdWord‑p. 58  Type: PresenceInfoRm  Type: AtsssCapability |R16|Word‑p. 59  Type: PlmnIdNid |R16|  Type: PlmnIdNidRm |R16|  Type: SmallDataRateStatus |R16|Word‑p. 60  Type: HfcNodeId |R16|  Type: HfcNodeIdRm |R16|  Type: WirelineArea |R16|Word‑p. 61  Type: WirelineServiceAreaRestriction |R16|  Type: ApnRateStatus |R16|Word‑p. 62  Type: ScheduledCommunicationTime |R16|  Type: ScheduledCommunicationTimeRm |R16|  Type: BatteryIndication |R16|Word‑p. 63  Type: BatteryIndicationRm |R16|  Type: AcsInfo |R16|  Type: AcsInfoRm |R16|  Type: NrV2xAuth |R16|  Type: LteV2xAuth |R16|Word‑p. 64  Type: Pc5QoSPara |R16|  Type: Pc5QosFlowItem |R16|  Type: Pc5FlowBitRates |R16|  Type: UtraLocation |R16|Word‑p. 65  Type: GeraLocation |R16|Word‑p. 66  Type: CellGlobalId |R16|  Type: ServiceAreaId |R16|Word‑p. 67  Type: LocationAreaId |R16|  Type: RoutingAreaId |R16|  Type: DddTrafficDescriptor |R16|  Type: MoExpDataCounter |R16|  Type: NssaaStatus |R16|Word‑p. 68  Type: NssaaStatusRm |R16|  Type: TnapId |R16|  Type: TnapIdRm |R16|  Type: TwapId |R16|Word‑p. 69  Type: TwapIdRm |R16|  Type: SnssaiExtension |R16|  Type: SdRange |R16|  Type: ProseServiceAuth |R17|Word‑p. 70  Type: EcsServerAddr |R17|  Type: EcsServerAddrRm |R17|  Type: IpAddr |R17|  Type: SACInfo |R17|Word‑p. 71  Type: SACEventStatus |R17|Word‑p. 73  Type: SpatialValidityCond |R17|  Type: SpatialValidityCondRm |R17|

5.4.5  Data types describing alternative data types or combinations of data types |R16|Word‑p. 74

5.5  Data Types related to 5G QoS

5.6  Data Types related to 5G Trace

5.7  Data Types related to 5G Operator Determined Barring

5.8  Data Types related to Charging

5.9  Data Types related to MBS |R17|

A (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord‑p. 101

$  Change historyWord‑p. 156

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