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6 API Definitions6.1 Nudm_SubscriberDataManagement Service API6.1.1 API URI6.1.2 Usage of HTTP6.1.3 Resources6.1.4 Custom Operations without associated resources6.1.5 Notifications6.1.6 Data Model6.1.7 Error Handling6.1.8 Feature Negotiation6.1.9 Security6.2 Nudm_UEContextManagement Service API6.2.1 API URI6.2.2 Usage of HTTP6.2.3 Resources6.2.4 Custom Operations without associated resources6.2.5 Notifications6.2.6 Data Model6.2.7 Error Handling6.2.8 Feature Negotiation6.2.9 Security6.3 Nudm_UEAuthentication Service API6.3.1 API URI6.3.2 Usage of HTTP6.3.3 Resources6.3.4 Custom Operations without associated resources6.3.5 Notifications6.3.6 Data Model6.3.7 Error Handling6.3.8 Feature Negotiation6.3.9 Security6.4 Nudm_EventExposure Service API6.4.1 API URI6.4.2 Usage of HTTP6.4.3 Resources6.4.4 Custom Operations without associated resources6.4.5 Notifications6.4.6 Data Model6.4.7 Error Handling6.4.8 Feature Negotiation6.4.9 Security6.5 Nudm_ParameterProvision Service API6.5.1 API URI6.5.2 Usage of HTTP6.5.3 Resources6.5.4 Custom Operations without associated resources6.5.5 Notifications6.5.6 Data Model6.5.7 Error Handling6.5.8 Feature Negotiation6.5.9 Security6.6 Nudm_NIDDAuthorization Service API6.7 Nudm_MT Service API


6  API DefinitionsWord‑p. 74
6.1  Nudm_SubscriberDataManagement Service API
6.1.1  API URI
6.1.2  Usage of HTTP
6.1.3  Resources  Overview  Resource: Nssai (Document)Word‑p. 78  Resource: SdmSubscriptions (Collection)Word‑p. 79  Resource: Individual subscription (Document)Word‑p. 80  Resource: AccessAndMobilitySubscriptionData (Document)Word‑p. 82  Resource: SmfSelectionSubscriptionData (Document)  Resource: UeContextInSmfData (Document)Word‑p. 86  Resource: SessionManagementSubscriptionData (Document)Word‑p. 87  Resource: SMSSubscriptionData (Document)Word‑p. 89  Resource: SMSManagementSubscriptionData (Document)Word‑p. 90  Resource: Supi (Document)Word‑p. 91  Resource: IdTranslationResult (Document)Word‑p. 93  Resource: SorAck (Document)Word‑p. 94  Resource: TraceData (Document)  Resource: SharedData (Collection)Word‑p. 96  Resource: SharedDataSubscriptions (Collection)Word‑p. 98  Resource: Individual subscription (Document)Word‑p. 99  Resource: UeContextInSmsfData (Document)Word‑p. 101  Resource: UpuAck (Document)Word‑p. 102  Resource: GroupIdentifiers (Document)Word‑p. 103  Resource: SnssaisAck (Document)Word‑p. 104  Resource: CagAck (Document) |R16|  Resource: LcsPrivacySubscriptionData (Document) |R16|Word‑p. 106  Resource: LcsMobileOriginatedSubscriptionData (Document) |R16|Word‑p. 107  Resource: EnhancedCoverageRestrictionData |R16|Word‑p. 108  Resource: UeContextInAmfData (Document) |R16|Word‑p. 109  Resource: V2xSubscriptionData (Document) |R16|Word‑p. 110
6.1.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord‑p. 112
6.1.5  Notifications
6.1.6  Data ModelWord‑p. 114  General  Structured data typesWord‑p. 118  Introduction  Type: Nssai  Type: SdmSubscriptionWord‑p. 119  Type: AccessAndMobilitySubscriptionDataWord‑p. 121  Type: SmfSelectionSubscriptionDataWord‑p. 124  Type: DnnInfoWord‑p. 125  Type: SnssaiInfo  Type: SessionManagementSubscriptionDataWord‑p. 126  Type: DnnConfigurationWord‑p. 127  Type: PduSessionTypesWord‑p. 128  Type: SscModes  Type: SmsSubscriptionData  Type: SmsManagementSubscriptionDataWord‑p. 129  Type: SubscriptionDataSets  Type: UeContextInSmfDataWord‑p. 130  Type: PduSession  Type: IdTranslationResult  Type: ModificationNotification  Type: IpAddress  Type: UeContextInSmsfDataWord‑p. 131  Type: SmsfInfo  Type: AcknowledgeInfo  Type: SorInfoWord‑p. 132  Type: SharedData  Type: PgwInfoWord‑p. 133  Type: TraceDataResponse  Type: SteeringContainer  Type: SdmSubsModification  Type: EmergencyInfoWord‑p. 134  Type: UpuInfo  Type: GroupIdentifiers  Type: NiddInformation |R16|Word‑p. 135  Type: CagData |R16|  Type: CagInfo |R16|  Type: AdditionalSnssaiData |R16|Word‑p. 136  Type: VnGroupData |R16|  Type: AppDescriptor |R16|  Type: AppPortId |R16|  Type: LcsPrivacyData |R16|  Type: Lpi |R16|Word‑p. 137  Type: UnrelatedClass |R16|  Type: PlmnOperatorClass |R16|  Type: ValidTimePeriod |R16|  Type: LcsMoData |R16|Word‑p. 138  Type: EcRestrictionDataWb |R16|  Type: ExpectedUeBehaviourData |R16|Word‑p. 139  Type: MaximumResponseTime |R16|  Type: MaximumLatency |R16|Word‑p. 140  Type: SuggestedPacketNumDl |R16|  Type: SmfRegistrationInfo |R16|  Type: FrameRouteInfo |R16|  Type: SorUpdateInfo |R16|  Type: EnhancedCoverageRestrictionData |R16|Word‑p. 141  Type: EdrxParameters |R16|  Type: PtwParameters |R16|  Type: ExternalUnrelatedClass |R16|Word‑p. 142  Type: AfExternal |R16|  Type: LcsClientExternal |R16|  Type: LcsClientGroupExternal |R16|Word‑p. 143  Type: ServiceTypeUnrelatedClass |R16|  Type: UeId |R16|  Type: DefaultUnrelatedClass |R16|Word‑p. 144  Type: ContextInfo |R16|  Type: UeContextInAmfData |R16|  Type: V2xSubscriptionData |R16|  Type: LcsBroadcastAssistanceTypesData |R16|Word‑p. 145  Simple data types and enumerationsWord‑p. 146
6.1.7  Error Handling
6.1.8  Feature Negotiation
6.1.9  SecurityWord‑p. 151
6.2  Nudm_UEContextManagement Service API
6.2.1  API URI
6.2.2  Usage of HTTPWord‑p. 152
6.2.3  ResourcesWord‑p. 153  Overview  Resource: Amf3GppAccessRegistration (Document)Word‑p. 155  Resource: AmfNon3GppAccessRegistration (Document)Word‑p. 159  Resource: SmfRegistrations  Resource: IndividualSmfRegistration (Document)  Resource: Smsf3GppAccessRegistration (Document)Word‑p. 165  Resource: SmsfNon3GppAccessRegistration (Document)  Resource: Location |R16|  Resource: Registrations |R16|  Resource: IpSmGwRegistration |R16|
6.2.4  Custom Operations without associated resources
6.2.5  Notifications
6.2.6  Data ModelWord‑p. 176
6.2.7  Error Handling
6.2.8  Feature NegotiationWord‑p. 190
6.2.9  Security
6.3  Nudm_UEAuthentication Service APIWord‑p. 191
6.3.1  API URI
6.3.2  Usage of HTTP
6.3.3  ResourcesWord‑p. 192
6.3.4  Custom Operations without associated resources
6.3.5  Notifications
6.3.6  Data Model
6.3.7  Error Handling
6.3.8  Feature Negotiation
6.3.9  Security
6.4  Nudm_EventExposure Service APIWord‑p. 207
6.4.1  API URI
6.4.2  Usage of HTTP
6.4.3  ResourcesWord‑p. 208
6.4.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord‑p. 212
6.4.5  Notifications
6.4.6  Data ModelWord‑p. 213
6.4.7  Error Handling
6.4.8  Feature NegotiationWord‑p. 222
6.4.9  Security
6.5  Nudm_ParameterProvision Service API
6.5.1  API URI
6.5.2  Usage of HTTP
6.5.3  ResourcesWord‑p. 224
6.5.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord‑p. 228
6.5.5  Notifications
6.5.6  Data Model
6.5.7  Error Handling
6.5.8  Feature Negotiation
6.5.9  SecurityWord‑p. 236
6.6  Nudm_NIDDAuthorization Service API |R16|
6.7  Nudm_MT Service API |R16|

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