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3GPP 29-series — Intra-Fixed-Network Signalling Protocols – Stage 3

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Technical Reports in this range are 3GPP internal working documents (of a given Release) for holding the interim results of feasibility studies about Intra-Fixed-Network Signalling Protocols (Stage 3).

TR 29.800CT4Rel‑7
SS7 Security Gateway –
Architecture, Functional Description and Protocol Details

TR 29.801CT4Rel‑7
Feasibility Study of using M2PA in 3GPP Networks

TR 29.802CT4Rel‑7
Nc Interface
based on the SIP-I protocol

TR 29.804CT3Rel‑8
3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE)
CT WG3 aspects

TR 29.805CT4Rel‑8
InterWorking Function (IWF)
between MAP based
and Diameter based Interfaces

TR 29.806CT4Rel‑12
Study on IMS P-CSCF Restoration Procedures

TR 29.807CT4Rel‑12
Study on GTP-C Overload Control Mechanisms

TR 29.808CT4Rel‑16
Study on the Nudsf Service Based Interface

TR 29.809CT4Rel‑12
Study on Diameter Overload Control Mechanisms

TR 29.810CT4Rel‑13
Study on Diameter Load Control mechanisms

TR 29.811CT4Rel‑13
Study on EPC Signalling Improvements for Race Scenarios

TR 29.812CT4Rel‑13
Study on SCC AS Restoration

TR 29.813CT4Rel‑13
Study on S6a/S6d Shared Data Update

TR 29.814CT3Rel‑7
Bandwidth saving at Nb interface with IP Transport

TR 29.816CT3Rel‑10
Study on PCRF Failure and Restoration

TR 29.817CT3Rel‑12
Study on XML based Access of the AF to the PCRF

TR 29.819CT4Rel‑13
Study on Impacts of the Diameter Base Protocol Specification Update

TR 29.826CT4Rel‑13
P-CSCF restoration enhancements for WLAN

TR 29.827CT3Rel‑15
Study on Policy and Charging for Volume Based Charging

TR 29.828CT4Rel‑12
Study on extended IMS Media Plane Security Features
and TCP-related NAT Traversal Support

TR 29.839CT4Rel‑11
3GPP System to Fixed Broadband Access Network Interworking –
HeNB-SeGW Interface

TR 29.843CT4Rel‑16
Study on Load and Overload Control
of 5GC Service Based Interface

TR 29.844CT4Rel‑14
Study on Control and User Plane Separation of EPC Nodes

TR 29.846CT1Rel‑6
MBMS — CN1 procedure description

TR 29.847CT1Rel‑6
Conferencing based on SIP, SDP, and other Protocols

TR 29.854CT4Rel‑12
Study on Shared Data Update for Multiple Subscribers

TR 29.863CT3Rel‑7 → 8
Feasibility Study for the Multimedia Inter-Working between the IMS and CS Networks

TR 29.864CT4Rel‑8
Study on IMS Application Server Service Data Descriptions for AS Interoperability

TR 29.865CT3Rel‑8
Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface

TR 29.882CT4Rel‑8
Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) in 3G CS Domain

TR 29.890CT3Rel‑15
CT WG3 aspects of 5G System Phase 1

TR 29.891CT4Rel‑15
CT WG4 aspects of 5G System Phase 1

TR 29.892CT4Rel‑16
Study on User-plane Protocol in 5GC