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full Table of Contents for  TS 28.532  Word version:   16.2.0

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11.2  Generic fault supervision management service
11.2.1  Operations and notifications  Operation and notification of fault supervision data report management service  subscribe  unsubscribe  getAlarmList  notifyNewAlarmWord-p. 39  notifyChangedAlarm  notifyAlarmListRebuiltWord-p. 44  notifyCorrelatedNotificationChanged  getAlarmCount  setComment  Fault supervision data control management service  acknowledgeAlarms  unacknowledgeAlarms  clearAlarms  notifyClearedAlarm  notifyAckStateChangedUp  notifyComments  notifyPotentialFaultyAlarmList  notifyChangedAlarmGeneralWord-p. 56
11.2.2  Managed information [R16]Word-p. 59  Alarm information, alarm state change and Information Object Classes  Imported information entities and local labels  Class diagramWord-p. 60  Information Object Class DefinitionsUp  Information relationships definitionWord-p. 66  Information attribute definitionWord-p. 68  Subscription information, subscription state and Information Object Classes

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