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3GPP 28-series — OAMP and Charging (overflow from 32-)

28.0   28.3   28.4   28.5   28.6   28.7   28.8

TR 28.800SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management and Orchestration Architecture
of Next Generation Network and Service

TR 28.801SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management and Orchestration
of Network Slicing for Next Generation Network

TR 28.802SA5Rel‑15
Study on Management Aspects
of Next Generation Network Architecture and Features

TR 28.803SA5Rel‑16
Study on the Management Aspects
of Edge Computing

TR 28.804SA5Rel‑16
Study on Tenancy Concept
in 5G Networks
and Network Slicing Management

TR 28.805SA5Rel‑16
Study on Management aspects of Communication Services

TR 28.806SA5Rel‑16
Study on non-File-based Trace Reporting

TR 28.807☆ (draft)SA5
Study on Management of non-Public Networks

TR 28.808☆ (draft)SA5
Study on Management and Orchestration aspects
of Integrated Satellite Components in a 5G Network

TR 28.812☆ (draft)SA5
Study on Scenarios
for Intent Driven Management Services
for Mobile Networks

TR 28.820SA5Rel‑12
FMC FNOM Umbrella Operations Model (UOM)

TR 28.821SA5Rel‑13
Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Model Repertoire

TR 28.823☆ (draft)SA5
Study on Protocol enhancement for Real Time Communication

TR 28.861☆ (draft)SA5
Study on the Self-Organizing Networks (SON) for 5G Networks

TR 28.890SA5Rel‑16
Study on Integration of ONAP and 3GPP Management
for 5G networks