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0  Introductionp. 4

eCall is a European-wide solution for automatically or manually initiated emergency voice calls. eCall will supplement E112 and 112 (TS12) emergency call with related data from the vehicle, e.g. highly accurate location information. The expected benefit is that emergency services will be made aware of accidents much more rapidly, will get precise information on location, vehicle type etc. and therefore will be able to reach accident victims faster, with the potential to save many lives annually.
According to reports from the European Commission, it is envisioned that eCall will be offered on all new vehicles in the EU by 2010.
It is expected that the eCall data will be sent either during the E112 call set-up or immediately following the establishment of the voice call or at any point later during the voice call. The integrity of the eCall data sent from the vehicle to the Public Safety Access Point has to be ensured.
eCall is a European regional requirement. It shall not have an impact on the global circulation of terminals.

1  Scopep. 5

The European Union eCall requirements, recommendations and guidelines were developed by eSafety Forum, with important additional work produced by ETSI MSG, GSME, 3GPP, and CEN.
Previous work in TR 22.967 'Transfer of Emergency Call Data', examined the issues associated with the transmission of emergency call data from a vehicle to a PSAP. This analysis identified that the preferred option be based on an in-band modem solution.
The objective of this work was to examine and describe the in band modem solution (in band modem and any necessary interface to the ME) for eCall. Because eCall is a European regional requirement, it shall not have an impact on the global circulation of terminals. In the interest of not duplicating work, the set of in-band solutions that were considered are those preferred by GSME unless significant improvements are available. The work assessed the suitability of existing 3GPP in-band solutions, e.g. CTM, to satisfy the requirements for eCall.
The present document assesses the suitability of CTM for eCall.

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