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A  Conversation test composite dependent variable scores by condition and Labp. 75

B  Instructions to subjectsp. 77

C  Example Scenarios for the conversation testp. 78

D  Test Plan for the AMR Narrow-Band Packet Switched Conversation Testp. 80

E  Test Plan for the AMR Wide-Band Packet Switched Conversation Testp. 97

F  Test plan for Packet Switched Conversation Tests for Comparison of Quality Offered by Different Speech Codersp. 114

G  Test Plan for Global Analysis of PSS Conversation Testsp. 126

H  Test Plan for Performance characterisation of VoIMS over HSDPA/EUL channels; listening only testsp. 132

I  Illustrative scheme for jitter buffer managementp. 136

J  Test processing for listening only testsp. 146

K  Radio network simulation for HSDPA/EUL performance characterizationp. 152

L  Test Plan for the AMR NB/WB Conversation Test in UMTS over HSDPA/EULp. 156

L.1  Introductionp. 156

L.2  General Informationp. 156

L.3  Test Methodologyp. 158

L.4  Test Procedurep. 166

L.5  Working Document for the Performance Characterization of VoIMS over HSDPA/EDCHp. 169

$  Change historyp. 188

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