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2  Referencesp. 8

3  Definitions and abbreviationsp. 9

4  Overviewp. 9

5  Current QoS reservation mechanisms during session setupp. 10

6  Use casesp. 14

6.1  General descriptionp. 14

6.2  Use case A: Single fixed-rate speech codecp. 14

6.3  Use case B: Several fixed-rate speech codecsp. 16

6.4  Use case C: Single multi-rate speech codec (AMR), no extra bandwidth allocated for redundancyp. 25

6.5  Use case D: Single multi-rate speech codec (AMR) with extra bandwidth allocated for redundancyp. 28

6.6  Use case E: Several multi-rate speech codecs (AMR and AMR-WB)p. 30

6.7  Use case F: Single video codec, symmetric usagep. 32

6.8  Use case G: Single video codec, asymmetric usage, sending video with a bitrate matching the codec levelp. 35

6.9  Use case H: Single video codec, asymmetric usage, sending video with a bitrate lower than the supported codec levelp. 37

6.10  Use case I: Multiple video codecsp. 39

6.11  Use case J: Single video codec, symmetric usage, bitrate variationsp. 41

6.12  Use case K: Several multi-rate speech codecs (AMR, AMR-WB and EVS), small difference in EVS usage between operatorsp. 46

6.13  Use case L: Several multi-rate speech codecs (AMR, AMR-WB and EVS), large difference in EVS usage between operatorsp. 47

7  Recommended requirementsp. 48

7.1  Discussion on individual recommended requirementsp. 48

7.2  Discussion on proposed requirements for new SDP attributesp. 52

7.3  Discussion on proposed general requirements for the solutionp. 52

7.4  Summary of proposed requirementsp. 53

7.5  Definition of new bandwidth information parametersp. 54

8  Potential solution(s)p. 55

8.1  Potential solution A: Session re-negotiationp. 55

8.2  Potential solution B: New bandwidth modifiers in SDP offer and answer without SDP MiscCapNegp. 57

8.3  Potential solution C: New bandwidth modifiers and SDPMiscCapNeg in SDP offer and answerp. 61

8.4  Potential solution D: New attribute for bandwidth information in SDP offer and answer for each RTP payload typep. 65

8.5  Potential solution E: New bandwidth modifiers only in SDP answerp. 67

8.6  Potential solution F: New SDP attribute in SDP offer and answer for entire media linep. 68

8.7  Potential solution G: New SDP attribute only in SDP answerp. 70

8.8  Potential solution H: Bitrate variationsp. 72

9  Conclusion and recommendationsp. 73

A  Determining suitable averaging window lengthp. 74

$  Change historyp. 80

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