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1  Scopep. 5

The present document contains an electronic copy of the ANSI C floating-point code for the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) Codec. This ANSI C code is the unique alternative reference specification besides the ANSI-C fixed-point code for the EVS Codec (TS 26.442) for a standard compliant implementation of the EVS Codec (TS 26.445), Voice Activity Detection (VAD) (TS 26.451), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) (TS 26.449), Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) (TS 26.450), Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) of Lost Packets (TS 26.447), Jitter Buffer Management (JBM) (TS 26.448), and AMR-WB Interoperable Function (TS 26.446).
The bit-exact fixed-point ANSI-C code in TS 26.442 or alternatively in TS 26.452 remain the preferred implementation for all applications, but the floating-point codec may be used instead of the fixed-point codec when the implementation platform is better suited for a floating-point implementation.
Requirements for any implementation of the EVS codec to be standard compliant are specified in TS 26.444 (Test sequences).

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