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This Telecommunication Standard (TS) describes the detailed mapping from input blocks of monophonic or stereophonic audio samples in 16 bit uniform PCM format to encoded blocks and from encoded blocks to output blocks of reconstructed monophonic or stereophonic audio samples. The coding scheme is an extension of the AMR-WB coding scheme [3] and is referred to as extended AMR-WB or AMR-WB+ codec. It comprises all AMR-WB speech codec modes including VAD/DTX/CNG [2][8][10] as well as extended functionality for encoding general audio signals such as music, speech, mixed, and other signals.
In the case of discrepancy between the requirements described in the present document and the ANSI-C code computational description of these requirements contained in [4], [5], the description in [4], [5], respectively, will prevail. The ANSI-C code is not described in the present document, see [4], [5] for a description of the floating-point or, respectively, fixed-point ANSI-C code.

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