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The present document contains an electronic copy of the ANSI C code for the Fixed-point Extended Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband codec. Alternatively, floating-point ANSI-C code is specified in TS 26.304. The fixed-point codec/encoder/decoder specified in the present document or the floating-point codec/encoder/decoder specified in TS 26.304 may be used depending on if the implementation platform is better suited for a floating-point or a fixed-point implementation. It has been verified that the fixed-point and floating-point codecs interoperate with each other without any artifacts.
The fixed-point ANSI C code in the present document defines, besides the floating-point c-code specified in TS 26.304, one valid reference implementation of the Extended Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband transcoder (TS 26.290). Standard conformance it is enforced by meeting the conformance criteria defined in TS 26.274.

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