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5  Requirements to be assessed by Objective Meansp. 8

6  Requirements to be assessed by subjective testsp. 10

7  Performance Objectives assessed by Objective Measuresp. 11

8  Interaction with supplementary servicesp. 12

9  Interaction with Alternate and Followed by servicesp. 12

10  Interaction with other speech servicesp. 12

11  Interaction with DTMF and other signalling tonesp. 13

12  Interaction with Lawful Interceptp. 13

13  Interaction with TFOp. 13

A  Method for generating Objective Performance Measuresp. 14

B (Normative)  Methodology for Measuring Subjective SNR Improvement for CCR Experimentsp. 20

C (Normative)  Test Plan for Checking Conformance to Requirementsp. 21

C.1  Introductionp. 21

C.2  Document Structurep. 21

C.3  References, Conventions, and Contactsp. 22

C.4  Key Acronymsp. 22

C.5  Roles and Responsibilitiesp. 23

C.6  Information relevant to all Experimentsp. 23

C.7  Experiment 1: Degradation in Clean Speech (Pair Comparison Test)p. 27

C.8  Experiments 2a, 2b & 2c: No degradation of Speech and no Undesirable Effects in Residual Noise in Conditions with Background Noise (ACR)p. 32

C.9  Experiments 3a & 3b: Performances in Background Noise Conditions (Mod-CCR)p. 37

C.10  Experiments 4: Influence of Input Level, Voice Activity Detection and Discontinuous Transmission (CCR)p. 42

C.11  Instructions to subjects and data collectionp. 46

C.12  Processing Tablesp. 48

C.13  Presentation Ordersp. 49

$  Change historyp. 50

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