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3GPP 26-series — CODECs

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Technical Reports in this range are "official" Studies about CODECs
(i.e. publishable by the 3GPP Organizational Partners).

TR 26.901SA4Rel‑4
AMR-WB Speech Codec –
Feasibility Study Report

TR 26.902SA4Rel‑7 → 15
Video Codec Performance

TR 26.903SA4Rel‑9 → 15
Improved Video support
for PSS and MBMS Services

TR 26.904SA4Rel‑10 → 15
Improved Video Coding support

TR 26.905SA4Rel‑11 → 15
Mobile Stereoscopic 3D Video

TR 26.906SA4Rel‑12 → 15
Evaluation of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
for 3GPP Services

TR 26.907SA4Rel‑12 → 15
HTML5 for a New Presentation Layer
in 3GPP Services

TR 26.909SA4Rel‑14 → 15
Study on improved Streaming Quality of Experience (QoE) Reporting
in 3GPP Services and Networks

TR 26.910SA4Rel‑16
Study on Media Handling aspects
of RAN Delay Budget Reporting in MTSI

TR 26.911SA4Rel‑3 → 15
Codecs for CS Multimedia Telephony Service –
Terminal Implementor's Guide

TR 26.912SA4Rel‑3 → 4
Quantitative Performance Evaluation
of H.324 Annex C over 3G

TR 26.914SA4Rel‑7 → 15
Multimedia Telephony over IMS –
Optimization Opportunities

TR 26.915SA4Rel‑3
Echo Control for Speech and Multi-Media Services

TR 26.916SA4Rel‑14
Media Handling and Quality aspects of SRVCC

TR 26.917SA4Rel‑15
MBMS/PSS enhancements to Support Television Services

TR 26.918SA4Rel‑15 → 16
Virtual Reality (VR) Media Services over 3GPP

TR 26.919SA4Rel‑16
Study on Media Handling aspects
of Conversational Services in 5G Systems

TR 26.921SA4Rel‑16
Investigations on ambient noise reproduction systems for acoustic testing of terminals

TR 26.922SA4Rel‑13 → 15
Video Telephony Robustness improvements extensions –
Performance Evaluation

TR 26.923SA4Rel‑13 → 15
Study on Media Handling aspects
of IMS-based Telepresence

TR 26.924SA4Rel‑13 → 15
Study on improved End-to-End QoS Handling for MTSI

TR 26.925SA4Rel‑16
Typical traffic characteristics of media services on 3GPP networks

TR 26.928SA4Rel‑16
Extended Reality (XR) in 5G

TR 26.929SA4Rel‑16
QoE Parameters and Metrics relevant to the
Virtual Reality (VR) User Experience

TR 26.931SA4Rel‑15
Evaluation of Additional Acoustic Tests
for Speech Telephony

TR 26.935SA4Rel‑6 → 15
PS Conversational Multimedia Applications –
Performance Characterisation of Default Codecs

TR 26.936SA4Rel‑6 → 15
Performance Characterization
of 3GPP Audio Codecs

TR 26.937SA4Rel‑5 → 15
PSS – RTP usage model

TR 26.938SA4Rel‑12 → 15
PSS – improved iupport for
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP in 3GPP

TR 26.939SA4Rel‑15 → 16
Guidelines on the Framework
for Live Uplink Streaming

TR 26.943SA4Rel‑6 → 15
Recognition Performance Evaluations of Codecs
for Speech Enabled Services (SES)

TR 26.944SA4Rel‑7 → 15
End-to-End Multimedia Services
Performance Metrics

TR 26.946SA4Rel‑6 → 15
MBMS User Service Guidelines

TR 26.947SA4Rel‑11 → 15
MBMS – Selection and Characterisation
of Application Layer Forward Error Correction (FEC)

TR 26.948SA4Rel‑13 → 15
Study on Video enhancements
in 3GPP Multimedia Services

TR 26.949SA4Rel‑13 → 15
Video Formats for 3GPP Services

TR 26.950SA4Rel‑10 → 15
Study on Surround Sound Codec extension
for PSS and MBMS

TR 26.952SA4Rel‑12 → 16
EVS Codec Performance Characterization

TR 26.953SA4Rel‑14 → 15
Interactivity support
for 3GPP-based Streaming and Download Services

TR 26.954SA4Rel‑14 → 15
Test Plan for Speech Quality and Delay
through a Headset Electrical Interface

TR 26.957SA4Rel‑14 → 15
Study on
Server And Network-assisted
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) (SAND)
for 3GPP Multimedia Services

TR 26.959SA4Rel‑15 → 16
Study on enhanced Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Performance

TR 26.967SA4Rel‑8 → 15
eCall Data Transfer – In-band Modem Solution

TR 26.969SA4Rel‑8 → 15
eCall Data Transfer – In-band Modem Solution – Characterization Report

TR 26.973SA4Rel‑15
Update to Fixed-Point Basic Operators

TR 26.975SA4Rel‑3 → 15
AMR Speech Codec –
Performance Characterization

TR 26.976SA4Rel‑5 → 15
AMR-WB Speech Codec –
Performance Characterization

TR 26.978SA4Rel‑4 → 15
Results of the AMR Noise Suppression Selection Phase

TR 26.980SA4Rel‑13 → 15
MTSI – Media Handling aspects
of Multi-Stream Multiparty Conferencing
for Multimedia Telephony Service for IMS

TR 26.981SA4Rel‑14 → 15
MBMS extensions for Provisioning and Content Ingestion

TR 26.985SA4Rel‑16
V2X Media Handling and Interaction

TR 26.989SA4Rel‑13 → 15
MCPTT – Media, Codecs and MBMS enhancements
for MCPTT over LTE