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A  Estimation of measurement uncertaintyWord‑p. 44

A.1  Mismatch uncertainty between measurement receiver and the probe antennaWord‑p. 50

A.2  Mismatch uncertainty of the RF relayWord‑p. 53

A.3  Insertion loss of the probe antenna cable

A.4  Insertion loss of the probe antenna attenuator (if used)

A.5  Insertion loss of the RF relays (if used)Word‑p. 56

A.6  Influence of the antenna cable

A.7  Absolute gain of the probe antenna

A.8  Measurement receiver: uncertainty of absolute level

A.9  Measurement distance

A.10  Quality of quiet zone

A.11  Tx-power drift of DUTWord‑p. 58

A.12  Uncertainty related to the use of phantoms

A.13  Coarse sampling grid

A.14  Random uncertaintyWord‑p. 61

A.15  Uncertainty of network analyzerWord‑p. 62

A.16  Uncertainty of the gain/efficiency of the calibration antenna

A.17  Base station simulator: uncertainty of the absolute level

A.18  BER measurement: output level step resolution

A.19  Statistical uncertainty of the BER measurementWord‑p. 63

A.20  BER data rate normalization uncertainty

A.21  DUT sensitivity drift

A.22  Cable loss measurement uncertainty

A.23  Signal generator: uncertainty of the absolute output levelWord‑p. 64

A.24  Signal generator: output level stability

A.25  Insertion loss: calibration antenna feed cable

A.26  Insertion loss: calibration antenna attenuator (if used)

A.27  Chamber Statistical Ripple and RepeatabilityWord‑p. 65

A.28  Additional Power Loss in EUT Chassis


B  Suggested recipes of liquid to be used inside SAM phantomWord‑p. 78

C  System ParametersWord‑p. 79

D  Radiated power and sensitivity measurement techniques in 2G systemsWord‑p. 81

E  Alternative measurement technologies: reverberation chamber methodWord‑p. 87

F  Anechoic chamber specifications and validation methodWord‑p. 94

G  Reverberation chamber specifications and validation methodWord‑p. 97

H  Dielectric Property Measurements of Hand PhantomsWord‑p. 99

$  Change historyWord‑p. 101

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