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9.2  Information Element Functional Definition and Contents

9.2.0  General

9.2.1  Common Parameters  Allocation/Retention Priority  Allowed Queuing TimeWord‑p. 419  Allowed Rate Information |R4|  Altitude and Direction |R4|  Antenna Co-location Indicator |R5|Word‑p. 420  Alternative Format Reporting Indicator |R7|  Binding ID  BLER  Block STTD IndicatorWord‑p. 421  Burst Mode Parameters |R4|  Cause  Cell Geographical Area Identity (Cell GAI)Word‑p. 428  Cell Geographical Area Additional Shapes (Cell GAI Additional Shapes) |R4|Word‑p. 429  Cell Capacity Class Value |R5|  Cell Global Identifier (CGI) |R6|Word‑p. 430  Cell Identifier (C-ID)  Cell Individual Offset  Cell Parameter IDWord‑p. 431  CFN  CFN Offset  CN CS Domain Identifier  CN Domain Type  CN PS Domain Identifier  Common Measurement Accuracy |R4|Word‑p. 432  Common Measurement Object Type |R4|  Common Measurement Type |R4|  Common Measurement Value |R4|Word‑p. 433  Common Measurement Value Information |R4|Word‑p. 434  Common Transport Channel Resources Initialisation Not Required |R5|Word‑p. 435  Coverage Indicator |R5|  Criticality Diagnostics  C-RNTIWord‑p. 437  CTFC |R5|  DCH Combination IndicatorWord‑p. 438  DCH ID  DCH Information Response  Dedicated Measurement Object Type  Dedicated Measurement Type  Dedicated Measurement ValueWord‑p. 439  Dedicated Measurement Value InformationWord‑p. 441  Delayed Activation |R5|Word‑p. 442  Delayed Activation Update |R5|  DGPS Corrections |R4|  Discard Timer |R5|Word‑p. 443  Diversity Control FieldWord‑p. 444  Diversity Indication  DL Power  Downlink SIR Target  DPCH Constant Value  D-RNTIWord‑p. 445  D-RNTI Release Indication  DRX Cycle Length Coefficient  DSCH ID  DSCH Initial Window Size |R5|  DSCH Flow Control Information  DSCH-RNTI  Extended GSM Cell Individual Offset  FACH Flow Control InformationWord‑p. 446  FACH Initial Window Size  FACH Priority Indicator  FN Reporting Indicator  Frame Handling PriorityWord‑p. 447  Frame Offset  GA Point with Uncertainty |R4|  GA Ellipsoid Point with Uncertainty Ellipse |R4|  GA Ellipsoid Point with Altitude |R4|  GA Ellipsoid Point with Altitude and Uncertainty Ellipsoid |R4|  GA Ellipsoid Arc |R4|Word‑p. 448  Geographical Coordinates |R4|  GERAN Cell Capability |R5|  GERAN Classmark |R5|Word‑p. 449  GERAN System Information |R6|  GPS Almanac |R4|  GPS Ionospheric Model |R4|Word‑p. 450  GPS Navigation Model and Time Recovery |R4|Word‑p. 451  GPS Real-Time Integrity |R4|Word‑p. 453  GPS Receiver Geographical Position (GPS RX Pos) |R4|  GPS UTC Model |R4|  Guaranteed Rate Information |R4|Word‑p. 454  HCS Prio |R5|  HS-DSCH Information To Modify Unsynchronised |R5|  HS-DSCH Initial Capacity Allocation |R5|Word‑p. 456  HS-DSCH Initial Window Size |R5|Word‑p. 457  HS-DSCH MAC-d Flow ID |R5|  HS-DSCH MAC-d Flows Information |R5|  HS-DSCH MAC-d Flows To Delete |R5|Word‑p. 459  HS-DSCH MAC-d PDU Size Format |R7|  HS-DSCH Physical Layer Category |R5|  HS-DSCH-RNTI |R5|  HS-DSCH Information To Modify |R5|Word‑p. 461  HS-SCCH Code Change Indicator |R5|Word‑p. 465  HS-SCCH Code Change Grant |R5|Word‑p. 466  IMEI |R6|  IMEISV |R6|  HS-PDSCH Code Change Indicator [FDD] |R7|  HS-PDSCH Code Change Grant [FDD] |R7|Word‑p. 467  IMSI  Information Exchange ID |R4|  Information Exchange Object Type |R4|  Information Report Characteristics |R4|  Information Threshold |R4|Word‑p. 468  Information Type |R4|  IPDL Parameters |R4|Word‑p. 472  Inter-frequency Cell Information |R6|  L3 InformationWord‑p. 474  Limited Power Increase  Load Value |R4|  MAC-c/sh SDU Length  MAC-d PDU Size |R5|  MAC-hs Guaranteed Bit Rate |R5|Word‑p. 475  MAC-hs Reordering Buffer Size for RLC-UM |R5|  MAC-hs Reset Indicator |R5|  MAC-hs Window Size |R5|  MAC PDU Size Extended |R7|  Maximum Allowed UL Tx PowerWord‑p. 476  Measurement Availability Indicator  Measurement Change Time  Measurement Filter Coefficient  Measurement Hysteresis Time  Measurement ID  Measurement Increase/Decrease ThresholdWord‑p. 477  Measurement Recovery Behavior |R6|Word‑p. 479  Measurement Recovery Reporting Indicator |R6|  Measurement Recovery Support Indicator |R6|  Measurement Threshold  Message StructureWord‑p. 481  Message TypeWord‑p. 482  Multiple URAs IndicatorWord‑p. 483  NACC Related Data |R6|  Neighbouring UMTS Cell Information  Neighbouring FDD Cell InformationWord‑p. 484  Neighbouring GSM Cell InformationWord‑p. 486  Neighbouring TDD Cell InformationWord‑p. 488  Neighbouring TDD Cell Measurement Information LCR |R5|Word‑p. 489  Neighbouring E-UTRA Cell Information |R8|  EARFCN |R8|Word‑p. 491  EARFCN-Extended |R11|  Paging Cause  Paging Record TypeWord‑p. 492  Partial Reporting Indicator |R5|  Neighbouring FDD Cell Measurement Information |R4|  Neighbouring TDD Cell Measurement Information |R4|  NRT Load Information Value |R5|  Payload CRC Present IndicatorWord‑p. 493  PCCPCH Power  Primary CPICH Power  Primary Scrambling CodeWord‑p. 494  Priority Queue ID |R5|  Process Memory Size |R5|  Puncture Limit  QE-SelectorWord‑p. 495  RANAP Relocation Information  Report Characteristics  Report PeriodicityWord‑p. 497  Requested Data Value  Requested Data Value Information |R4|Word‑p. 499  Restriction State Indicator |R4|  RLC Mode |R5|  RL ID  RL Specific DCH Information |R5|Word‑p. 500  RNC-ID  Extended RNC-ID |R7|  SAT ID |R4|  RT Load Value |R5|Word‑p. 501  SCH Time Slot  Scheduling Priority Indicator  Service Area Identifier (SAI)  SFN |R4|  SFN-SFN Measurement Threshold Information |R4|Word‑p. 502  SFN-SFN Measurement Value Information |R4|  Shared Network Area (SNA) Information |R5|Word‑p. 503  SID |R5|Word‑p. 504  S-RNTI  S-RNTI Group |R5|  Sync Case  T1 |R5|  TFCI PresenceWord‑p. 505  Time Slot  TNL QoS |R5|  ToAWEWord‑p. 506  ToAWS  Trace Depth |R6|  Trace Recording Session Reference |R6|  Trace Reference |R6|  Traffic Class |R6|  Transaction IDWord‑p. 507  Transmitted Carrier Power |R4|  TUTRAN-GPS Accuracy Class |R4|  TUTRAN-GPS Measurement Threshold Information |R4|  TUTRAN-GPS Measurement Value Information |R9|Word‑p. 508  Transport Bearer ID  Transport Bearer Request IndicatorWord‑p. 509  Transport Layer Address  Transport Format Combination Set (TFCS)  Transport Format SetWord‑p. 510  TrCH Source Statistics DescriptorWord‑p. 512  UARFCN  UE Identity |R6|  UL FP Mode  UL Interference Level  Uncertainty Ellipse |R4|Word‑p. 513  Unidirectional DCH Indicator |R5|  Uplink SIR  URA ID  UTRAN Access Point Position  URA InformationWord‑p. 514  User Plane Congestion Fields Inclusion |R6|  UTRAN Cell Identifier (UC-ID)  Neighbouring TDD Cell Information LCRWord‑p. 515  Permanent NAS UE Identity  SFN-SFN Measurement Reference Point Position |R4|Word‑p. 516  UTRAN Access Point Position with Altitude |R4|  SFN-SFN Measurement Time Stamp |R4|  SFN-SFN Value |R4|  SCTD Indicator |R4|  Congestion Cause |R4|Word‑p. 517  TMGI |R6|  Transmission Mode |R6|  Access Point Name |R6|  IP Multicast Address |R6|Word‑p. 518  MBMS Bearer Service Full Address |R6|  Provided Information |R6|  MBMS Channel Type Information |R6|  MBMS Preferred Frequency Layer Information |R6|Word‑p. 520  E-DCH DDI Value |R7|  E-DCH MAC-d Flow Multiplexing List |R7|Word‑p. 521  E-DCH MAC-d Flows To Delete |R7|  E-DCH MAC-d Flow ID |R7|  E-DCH MAC-d PDU Size Format |R8|Word‑p. 522  E-DCH Logical Channel Information |R7|  E-DCH Logical Channel To Modify |R7|Word‑p. 523  E-RNTI |R7|Word‑p. 524  E-DCH Processing Overload Level |R7|  E-DCH Power Offset for Scheduling Info |R7|Word‑p. 525  Logical Channel ID |R7|  MAC-es Guaranteed Bit Rate |R7|  MAC-e Reset Indicator |R7|  Maximum Number of Retransmissions for E-DCH |R7|  Scheduling Information |R7|Word‑p. 526  DGANSS Corrections |R7|  GANSS Almanac |R7|Word‑p. 528  GANSS Clock Model |R7|Word‑p. 533  GANSS Additional Clock Models |R8|  GANSS Ionospheric Model |R7|Word‑p. 536  GANSS Additional Ionospheric Model |R8|  GANSS Navigation Model |R7|  GANSS Orbit Model |R7|  GANSS Additional Orbit Models |R8|Word‑p. 537  GANSS Real Time Integrity |R7|Word‑p. 542  GANSS Receiver Geographical Position (GANSS RX Pos) |R7|Word‑p. 543  GANSS Time Model |R7|  GANSS Additional Time Models |R8|Word‑p. 544  GANSS UTC Model |R7|  GANSS Additional UTC Models |R8|  TUTRAN-GANSS Accuracy Class |R7|Word‑p. 546  TUTRAN-GANSS Measurement Threshold Information |R7|  TUTRAN-GANSS Measurement Value Information |R7|Word‑p. 547  GANSS Reference Time |R7|Word‑p. 549  HARQ Memory Partitioning |R7|Word‑p. 550  Multiple PLMN List |R7|Word‑p. 551  GANSS Data Bit Assistance |R7|  GANSS ID |R7|  GANSS Time ID |R8|  GANSS Navigation Model And Time Recovery |R7|Word‑p. 552  GANSS Additional Navigation Models And Time Recovery |R8|  GANSS Signal ID |R7|Word‑p. 553  GANSS Transmission Time |R9|  GANSS Earth Orientation Parameters |R8|  SBAS ID |R8|Word‑p. 554  GANSS Auxiliary Information |R8|  Additional Ionospheric Model Request |R8|Word‑p. 555  Earth Orientation Parameters Request |R8|  GANSS Additional Navigation Models And Time Recovery Request |R8|  GANSS Additional UTC Models Request |R8|Word‑p. 556  GANSS Auxiliary Information Request |R8|  SixtyfourQAM DL Support Indicator |R8|  RANAP Enhanced Relocation Information Request |R8|  RANAP Enhanced Relocation Information Response |R8|  Released CN Domain |R8|  Secondary CCPCH system information MBMS |R8|Word‑p. 557  MBSFN Cluster Identity |R8|  MBSFN Scheduling Transmission Time Interval |R8|  MAC-ehs Reset Timer |R8|  Enhanced FACH Support Indicator |R8|  Enhanced PCH Capability |R8|  Priority Queue Information for Enhanced FACH/PCH |R8|Word‑p. 558  MIMO Activation Indicator |R8|  MIMO Mode Indicator |R8|  DL RLC PDU Size Format |R8|  UE Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate |R9|Word‑p. 559  DGNSS Validity Period |R9|  MDT Configuration |R10|Word‑p. 560  MDT Report Parameters |R10|  Neighbouring UMTS Cell Information Extension |R10|Word‑p. 561  Source ID |R10|  Target ID |R10|  MS Classmark 2 |R10|Word‑p. 562  MS Classmark 3 |R10|  Speech Version |R10|  Controlled Object Scope |R10|  ANR Report Indication |R10|  ANR Cell Information |R10|Word‑p. 563  ANR FDD Cell Information |R10|  ANR TDD Cell Information |R10|  ANR TDD Cell Information LCR |R10|Word‑p. 564  ANR Multiple PLMN List |R10|  Extended RNTI |R11|  Extended S-RNTI Group |R11|Word‑p. 565  Common E-RGCH Cell Information |R11|  DBDS Corrections |R12|  BDS Ionospheric Grid Model |R12|Word‑p. 566  Improved Synchronized RRC Indicator |R13|

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