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5  Physical layer procedures for the 1.28 Mcps option |R4|

5.1  Transmitter power control

5.2  UL synchronisation

5.3  Synchronisation procedures

5.4  Discontinuous transmission (DTX) procedure

5.5  Downlink transmit diversity

5.6  Random access procedureWord‑p. 50

5.7  Node B synchronisation procedure over the air |R5|

5.8  Idle periods for IPDL location method |R5|Word‑p. 56

5.9  HS-DSCH procedure in CELL_DCH state |R5|Word‑p. 57

5.9A  HS-DSCH procedure in CELL_FACH state |R8|

5.9B  HS-DSCH procedure in CELL_PCH or URA_PCH state |R8|

5.10  Macro-diversity procedure |R6|

5.11  E-DCH Procedure |R7|

5.12  MIMO operation of HS-DSCH |R8|

5.12A  MU-MIMO operation of HS-DSCH and E-DCH |R10|Word‑p. 65

5.13  Control channel discontinuous reception procedures |R8|

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