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Content for  TS 25.123  Word version:  16.0.0

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A.5  UTRAN Connected Mode MobilityWord‑p. 237

A.5.1  TDD/TDD Handover

A.5.1.1  3.84Mcps TDD option

A.5.1.2  1.28Mcps TDD optionWord‑p. 240

A.5.1.3  7.68Mcps TDD option |R7|Word‑p. 253

A.5.2  TDD/FDD Handover

A.5.3  TDD/GSM Handover

A.5.3a  TDD to E-UTRA FDD Handover |R8|

A.5.3b  TDD to E-UTRA TDD Handover |R8|Word‑p. 270

A.5.3c  UTRA TDD to E-UTRA FDD handover: unknown target cell |R8|

A.5.3d  UTRA TDD to E-UTRA TDD handover: unknown target cell |R8|Word‑p. 275

A.5.3e  TDD/GSM Handover: Non-synchronization target cell |R8|

A.5.4  Cell Re-selection in CELL_FACHWord‑p. 279

A.5.4A  Cell Re-selection in Enhanced CELL_FACH |R8|

A.5.5  Cell Re-selection in CELL_PCH

A.5.6  Cell Re-selection in URA_PCHWord‑p. 309

A.5.7  Serving HS-DSCH cell change |R7|

A.5.8  Inter-RAT cell change order from UTRAN TDD to GSM(GPRS) |R7|


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