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A (Normative)  Test Cases

A.1  Purpose of Annex

A.2  Requirement classification for statistical testing

A.3  RRM test configurationsWord‑p. 200

A.4  Idle Mode

A.4.1  Cell selection

A.4.2  Cell Re-Selection

A.4.2.1  Scenario 1: Cell re-selection to intra frequency TDD cell

A.4.2.2  Scenario 2: Cell re-selection to inter-frequency TDD cell

A.4.2.2A  Scenario 2A: 3.84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 1.28 Mcps TDD UE |R4|Word‑p. 212

A.4.2.2B  Scenario 2B: 3.84 Mcps/1.28 Mcps TDD cell re-selection |R4|

A.4.2.2C  Scenario 2C: 3.84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 7.68 Mcps TDD UE |R7|

A.4.2.2D  Scenario 2D: 3.84 Mcps/7.68 Mcps TDD cell re-selection |R7|Word‑p. 217

A.4.2.2E  Scenario 2E: 1.28Mcps TDD inter-band cell re-selection |R7|Word‑p. 218

A.4.2.3  Scenario 3: TDD/FDD cell re-selectionWord‑p. 219

A.4.2.4  Scenario 4: inter RAT cell re-selection

A.4.2.5  Scenario 5: TDD/E-UTRA cell re-selection |R8|

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